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Etruscan Glossary R

Compilation and translations from French, Italian and Latin
by Rick Mc Callister and Silvia Mc Callister-Castillo ©1999

-r plural suffix [mp68: 395]

racuneta "approved (feminine)" [az96]
racuse "to approve" [az96]
racvanie "approval" [az96]
racvu, racu, raquvu, racuthu, racventu, racvitu, ravnthu, ravunthu female name [mc91: 98]
"excellent" [az96]

racvu, racu, raquvu, racuthu, racventu, racvitu, ravnthu, ravunthu female name [mc91: 98]

rae "lines, stripes" [az96]

rafi family name [az96: 25]

ramlisia "support, sustain" [az96]
< *rem- [az96]

Ramnes Latin equitês name of Etruscan origin [lrp 48, rah 59]
see Ramnenses "Romans" [A Modigliano cit. g/lb85: 54]

ramnuna name [mc91: 95]

ramutha, ramatha, ramtha, ramta female name [g/lb83, mc91: 41]

ranazu male name [mc91: 67]
"engraver, etcher" > "haruspex" [az96]
rane"engraver, etcher" > "sounding, investigation" [az96]
rapa "engraving, writing" [az96]
rapale "engraving" [az96]
rapalni, raplni "engraver, writer" [az96]
< *ghraph [az96]

rapli [lrp 48]
see Latin rabula "pettifogging advocate" [lrp 48]

rasce male name [g/lb85: 161]
"increaser (of the lineage/race)" [az96]
< *ras-,*res- [az96]

rasnele "for the Etruscans" (Delphi Inscription) [dep]
rasna, raSna, rasnea-, rasna-s, rasnea-s, raSne-S, rasna-l, raSnal, raSne "Etruscan, people, popular" [am91, cb, djh 10, v, EB XXII:801, g/lb83, mp68, pa]
rasnal, rasne "popular" [az96]
"of Etruria" [pa]
rasnea "people, populus" [az96]
< *trusia, Lemnian *trosia [mcv]
see Greek gloss rasénna [cb, djh 10, v, EB XXII:801, g/lb83, mp68]
see Umbrian Turskus "Umbrian" [Pallottino cit. fr]
see Latin tursci, tusci, Tuscania [Pallottino cit. fr, mcv]
< turs, tus- + Latin adj. suffix -cus (*-ko-) [mcv]
etrusci < Etrus- + Latin adjectival suffix -cus < *-ko- [mcv]
See Latin Etrûria < *Etrûsia with intervocalic -s- > -r-[mcv]
suffix -ia is Latin and Greek not necessarily Tyrrhenian [mcv]
*turs-, tursen- ~ *trus- may correspond to rasna < *rasenna
*tu-rasenna- might work but Etruscan is suffixing [mcv]
see Greek Troïa "Troy" [mcv]
< *Trosia, with loss of intervocalic -s- [mcv]
see Greek tursenoi, tyrrhe:n- [iffr, mcv]
< *turse:n- [mcv]
see Egyptian TWRS^3, trS.w, twrwS'.w, twryS'.w, twyrS.w, tursha (band of Aegean Sea Peoples) [mcv, mp68: 95, iffr]
see tarhuntassa, tauros, tarsus, tarquin [iffr]
see Greek túrsis "tower" [g/lb 85: 59]
see Latin turris "tower" [g/lb 85: 59]
name related to Etruscan port of Pyrgi? [rmcc]
< Greek púrgoi "the towers" [rmcc]

rathiu "(registration) number" [az96]

rathlth "engraver" > "haruspex, calculator?" [az96]
ratu "to calculate, evaluate" [az96]

ratum "accurately, according to law" [g/lb83, 85: 191]
"ratio" [az96]
see Latin rite "accurately, according to law" [g/lb83, 85: 191]
see Latin ratio "reckoning, account" [az96]

raufe, rauhe, ruvfe male name [mc91: 50]
"reddish" [az96]

rauthe "excellent?" [az96]

ravna, ravena "Ravenna (town)"
see Latin Rauenna [g/lb83, djh 14]

ravnthu female name [g/lb83]

rax- "prepare" [g/lb83]
"smash (imperative)" [az96]
raxth "prepare" [gzb]
see raxuth, racth, raxth, raczle, racuse [az96]
< *ghwrek "to smash" [az96]

rea "straight" [az96]
rechlu "erect" [az96]
recte "erect (marker)" [az96]
rekasia "(something) straight, in good shape" [az96]
reketi "stable, adjusted, rule" [az96]
rexuva "(two) reestablishers, reulers, directors (Dioscuri)" [az96]
< *rekh-a [az96]
see Latin rectu- "straight" [az96]

rel "trascorso" > "esito?" [az96]
< *rin, *ren- [az96]

remzi "structure, beam" [az96]
remzna "Pontius (name)" [az96]

ren "course, period" [az96]

rena "to punish" [az96]
rena "punishment, vendetta" [az96]
< *rehena [az96]

renine "fleeting, passing, falling into ruin" [az96]

repine "inclination, propitious" [az96]
repsin "to incline, propitiate" [az96]

rescial, recial, resxualc, rescunia deity similar to a Lasa [g/lb83]
< sval "to live"? [g/lb83]
"(deity) who makes grow, develops" [az96]

reusce"happens" [az96]
reuscesc "happened" [az96]

reuxzina "aroma, perfume" [az96]

-ri, -eri concept of obligation or necessity [mp68: 400]
corresponds to Latin gerundive [mp68: 400]

-ri, -eri nominalizer [mp68: 400]

rici- "good condition" [az96]

ril "aged, at the age of" [am91, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, pa, dep]
to pass, elapse" [az96]
< *rin-l- [az96]
*srei "to run" [az96]
rinus "event" [az96]
rinuth "which flows, procede, advances" [az96]

rita "connection, weave" [az96]
rithnaita "woven, concatenated" > "series, related things" [az96]

rithna "offering" [mp68: 409]

rivax "(which) decaes, weakens" [az96]

riza "to prop, support" [az96]

-rna ending [pa]

*ror- [b/b 105-06]
Tyrrhenian root?

rosa "rose" Latin [bc 199]
via Etruscan [cw 79]
< *wrod-ya [cw 79]
see Greek rhodon "rose" [cw 79]
< *wrod-o [cw 79]
see Persian gul "rose" [cw 79]
< IE * wrod- [cw 79]
of Tyrrhenian origin?

rua "rumor, voice?" [az96]

ruifre male name [g/lb85: 157]

ruma "Roma (town)" [g/lb83, djh 14]
"bridge, ford, passage?" [rmcc]
see remzna "Pontius" [rmcc]
rumax, rumate "Roman" [az96, g/lb83, mp68, pa]
rumax "Roman" [pa]
< *remna [lrp 48]

rumi "rumor, fame" [az96]

runxlvis "collected, ammassed?" [az96]

rupsa "(which) smashes, piece?" [az96]
see Latin -rupt- [az96]

rutania "turning" > "fortune" [az96]
rutapis "Rhô:dopis" [g/lb85: 54]
"turning, spinning" [az96]
ruthcva "turbines, ruins" [az96]
"rites?" [am91]
see Latin rotare "to revolve' [az96]

ruthiax "one who ha la mazza, il randello" [az96]
rutia "stick, walking cane" [az96]
see Latin rudis "stick" [az96]

rutile "ornament, (something) splendid" [az96]

rutz, ruz "course" [az96]
ruze "engraving" > "trace" [az96]
see Latin ruta "route, rue" [az96]

ruva "brother" [am91, az96, cb, jpm, v, g/lb83, pa, dep]
see Lydian brafra "brother" [er 21 Jun 99]

ruvfe family name
see Latin Rufii [g/lb83 27]

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