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Etruscan Glossary U

Compilation and translations from French, Italian and Latin
by Rick Mc Callister and Silvia Mc Callister-Castillo ©1999

-u (suffix used with family names) [lrp 57]
> -o in Latin names of Etruscan origin [lrp 57]

ucerne "ponderazione?" [az96]

ucnt- "union" [az96]

ufli, uple, upli "bad, evil, hosility" [az96]

uftavi family name [g/lb85: 161]
see Latin Octavia [g/lb85: 108]

uhte "increase" [az96]
see Latin auctus [az96]

ulthe velna name "Wound-healer?" [az96]

ulthes family name [g/lb85: 161]
see Latin Voltius [g/lb85: 161]

ultimni family name (female) [mc91: 102]

ultna "powerful, strong" [az96]
< *wolt- [az96]

-um enclitic conjunction [am91]

umaile Homer" [az96]
"plot weaver" [az96]

umene "one who weaves, pledges" [az96]
umu "pledge" [az96]
umuce "pledged, secured" [az96]

umrane "Umbrian" [az96]

un "complied?" [mp68: 413]
un, une, unum, unuth "to grant" [az96]
una "benevolence, grant" [az96]
une "reward, recompense, thanks" [am91]
unxva "favor, grant" [az96]
unata "favorite" [az96]
uneitha "satisfaction, pleasure" [az96]

un "for you" [gm97]

-un, -n 1st person singular ending? [mcv 22 Jan 98]
see Hittite 1st person singular preterite -un [mcv 22 Jan 98]

uni, unei "Juno" [az96, cb, djh 95, g/lb83, mc91: 53, EM]
mother of Hercle [EM]
patroness of Perugia [EM]
uni mae celestial deity [mp68: 251]
unialastres "to Uni-Astre" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
< *uni-al astre-s "of Uni, of Ishtar?" [rmcc]
unias "to Uni" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
uniiathi, unialthi "in Juno's temple" [az96]
see un "to grant" [az96]
see Latin Juno [az96, cb, djh 95, g/lb83, mc91: 53, EM]

upelsi"weapon point, a spit" [az96]
uphale "javelin, a spit" [az96]

-uph "facing, against, on account of" [az96]
see Latin ob "facing, against, on account of" [az96]

uprium "Hyperiôn" [az96]
see Latin supernus "upper, high ground" [az96]

urfa "weave" [az96]

Urgulania wife of Claudius, Latinized name [g/lb 85: 48]

uria "upsetter, confuser (feminine)" [az96]
urinate Urinate (ethnic group)" [az96]
"burning" [az96]

urphe "Orpheus" [g/lb83]
see Latin verbum "word" [az96]

ursmini "speech, (one who) speaks, order" [az96]
ursminei "Locutia, Juno" [az96]
ursumna "spoken" [az96]
urste "(who) narrates, discusses" [az96]
see Latin orsa, orsus "undertaking, speech" [az96]

urthanike "(to have) ordered, disposed?" [az96]

uru, ur "to turn over, drink a libation?" [az96]

uruthse "Orestes" [g/lb83]

urx "to be repentent" [az96]
< *werk "to tighten" [az96]
urxn "to be anguished" [az96]
-usstem genitive singular for -u [b/k 32]

useti "draw (water)" [g/lb83 85]

uSeti "seer, soothsayer" [az96]
< *audh- [az96]

uSi, uSie "to hear" > "to understand, obey" [az96]
uSiSa "understood, obeyed, heard" [az96]
see Latin audere "to hear" [az96]
see Latin ausum "understood, obeyed, heard" [az96]

usil, usele, usil-s male name [mc91: 109, dep, pa]
"sun, sun god" [az96]
"sun, Aurora" [am91]
usil "to illuminate, inspire" [az96]
uslane "at noon" [g/lb83]
"illuminating" [az96]
usli "illumination, divination" [az96]
see Latin Aurêlius [g/lb83]
see Sabine ausel- [mp68]
see Gothic sawil "sun" [dep]
see Latin sol "sun" [dep]
see Greek helios "sun" [dep]
see Sanskrit suryah "sun" [dep]
see Breton heol "sun" [dep]
see Indo-European *saHwel- "sun" [mcv 9-2-99]
see Indo-European *sewel "sun" [dep]

ut "to determine, cleft" [az96]

ut, uth-, ut-a, ut-us, ut-uSe, ut-in-ce, uth-ari "to give" [mp68, pa, dep]
"carry out, perform" [g/lb83]
utu- act associated with religion [mp68: 409]
see Latin uti "to use" [bc 199]
see Oscan uittiuf "to use" [bc 199]

utacle "prosperous, lucky" [az96]
utauni "(who) grants, favors" [az96]
uthu "lucky, rich?" [az96]

uthste, uthusthe, uthuze, utusthe "Ulysses, Odysseus" [az96, g/lb83]
"separated, separator, distancer" [az96]
uthur "celibate" [az96]
uthuthu "separate, far" [az96]
uthuthunatale "separate, distanced (plural)" [az96]
utuse "to separate" [az96]

utince "fixed destiny" [az96]

uvie, uvilane "nailed, ungulate" [az96]

uxsie personal name [g/lb83 111]

uxulni personal name [g/lb83 112]

uxumsna "one who yokes, binds" [az96]
see Latin iugum "yoke" [az96]

uzr "robbed, widowed" > "celibate" [az96]
uzarale "bereaved" > "heirs?" [az96]
see Latin viduus "robbed, widowed" [az96]

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