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     Founded in the 12th century BC, Tarquinia dominated the whole of maritime Etruria by the 6th century. It is universally acclaimed for the discovery of its remarkable Etruscan Necropolis.

National museum

Located in the Palazzo Vitelleschi (15th century), it contains particularly interesting Sarcophagi of 6th and 5th centuries BC representing priests, magistrates, etc... The museum also offers pottery, ivory objects, votives etc and two magnificent winged horses from the pediment of a temple in Tarquinia. Some tombs have been reconstructed.


 Entry of the Museum of Tarquinia  Museum of Tarquinia - Sarcophagus  Sculptures on sarcophagus  Pediment of a temple


 Room of the sarcophagi  Sarcophagi  Sculptures  Sarcophagus


 Lid of sarcophagus  Sarcophagus of the merchant  Sarcophagus of woman  Lid of sarcophagus


 Window of terra cotta heads  Etrusque toy  Window of terra cotta heads


The Necropolis

The Necropolis extends 5 km in length and 1 km wide, and includes thousands of tombs dating from the 6th through to the 1st centuries BC. Here, not showing architectural features, but an extraordinary assemblage of paintings decorating the walls with the underground funerary rooms: scenes of everyday life, such as banquetting and dancing, hunting and fishing, horse racing, games and spectacles, or visions of the After-Life, such as divinities, funerary rites and religious symbols.

Among the tombs preserved in situ, some of the most interesting are: The tomb of the Baron, with its elegant and precise subjects, Tomb of the Leopards, with its freshness of color and its lively and varied scenes, the Tomb of the Lionesses and the Tomb of Hunting and Fishing.

Interiors of tombs

 Tomb of  Hunting and Fishing (520-510 BC)

 Tomb of  the Bulls - Achilles  Tomb of the Typhon  Tomb of  the Jugglers


 Tomb of  hunting and fishing - detail  Fishers  Tomb of  the Augurs - Door to Hell  Tomb of  the Baron
 Tomb of Hunting and Fishing - The Diver  Tomb of the Triclinium - dancer

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