Etruscan Glossary N

Compilation and translations from French, Italian and Latin
by Rick Mc Callister and Silvia Mc Callister-Castillo ©1999

-n accusative (pronomimal) suffix [mcv, mp68: 397]
see Indo-European *-m [mcv 9-2-99, mp68: 397]

-n, -an, -un archaic genitive singular [b/k 32]

-na, -ina, -ena adjectival suffix [mp68: 395]
"the one, that of" [es 18 Jul 99]
suffix of pertinence or propriety [pa]
suffix used with family names [lrp 57]
see Basque -en-a, genitive + definite (suffixed) article [es 18 Jul 99]

nac "as, how, so, because, then, when, why" [az96, g/lb83, lb 299, mcv, mp68, pa, dep]

nace, nax "one who gathers; future, next" [az96]
nacna "next to, last" [az96]
nacnuva, nacnva "propinquity" [az96]
nacnvaia "propinquity, posterity" [az96]

nac-um "and so" [az96]

nae < cnaive "wise, sage, knowledgeable" [az96]
nai "wise, sage (fem.)" [az96]
see Latin conare "to know" [az96]

naiethe "wavering" [az96]

namulth ame "to understand" [az96]
namulthna "(which) grasps, perceives" [az96]

nana "none, no one" [az96]

nane, nanu "one who turns, folds from here to there" [az96]
see Greek plánês [az96]

nanste "waving, swimming" [az96]
see Latin nans [az96]

nap-, nap-ti, nap-er "measure, unit of measurement" [mp68]
naper "measurement of area" [g/lb85: 168, mp68: 405]
measure of length [pa]
"rooms, lair" [mp68]
see Latin napurae "straw ropes used in ceremonies" [mp68]
< *hneghw- [az96]

napa "ulex europaeus" Tuscan of Etruscan origin [bm 24-25]

naplan "libation vase" [az96, pa, dep]
see Greek nablas [mp68]
Latin nablum, nablium type of harp, lyre [mp68]

napti "inclined, favorable" [az96]

narie (masculine), naria (feminine) "slave' [az96]
< *s-ner- "to bind" [az96]

nartale "nooses, snares (plural)" [az96]

nartha "oblige" [az96]

nathna "Salacia" [az96]
"movement" [az96]
natisnusnei "Salacia, Venilia" [az96]

nathum "Fury, eumenide" [g/lb83]
natinusna, natinusnai demon [mp68: 407]

natis "wise, seer" [az96]

naxva "attainment, success" [az96]

-nd- ending [pa]

nefiS, nefts, neftis, neftS, napti, nefS "grandson" [az96, cb, gg 4 Mar 99, g/lb83, mc91, mcv, mp68, rab 347, v, pa, dep]
see Lemnian nafoth, naphoth "nephew, grandson" [dep,, mp68]
see Latin nepos "grandson" [az96, cb, dep, gg 4 Mar 99, g/lb83, mc91, mcv, mp68, rab 347, v]
see Avestan napat "grandson" [dep]
see Sanskrit napat "grandson" [dep]
see Greek nepodes "descendents" [dep]
see Albanese nip "nephew" [dep]
see Old Irish nia "nephew" [dep]
see Lithuanian nepuotis "grandson" [dep]
see Indo-European *nepots [dep]

nemsu "(sacred) grove" [az96]
see Latin nemor- [az96]

nene "nurse, wet-nurse" [g/lb83]
see Spanish nana "babysitter, wet nurse, older female relative" [rmcc]

neqaxu "owed, obligated" [az96]

neri "water" [g/lb83]

neri "validity, vigor" [az96]

nes-, neS-, nes-l, neS-s "dead, defunct" [mp68, pa]
"to die" [dep]
nesithvas "being placed" [az96]
nesl "site" < "position" [az96]
nesl, nesna "to bend down, lower, descend" [az96]
neslthl, neslthl "one who lowers, places" [az96]
nesna "belonging to the dead?" [g/lb83, pa, dep]
< *nestl- "to be situated, lowered" [az96]

nestur "Nestor" [g/lb85: 161]

netei "maid, spinner" [az96]
< *net- "thread, weave, viscera" [az96]

neth natural deity [mp68: 251]

nethsrac, nethSrac "haruspicine" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 75, dep, pa]
"heartbreak" [az96, dep, pa]

nethun, nethuns "Neptune" [az96, mc91: 150, mp68: 159]
nethuns "Neptune" [gzb, EM]
nethunsl "for Neptune" [gm97]

netsvis, netSvis, nethSvis, netsus "haruspex, haruspices" [az96, djh 14, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68: 265; mc91, mp 75, pa, dep]
see Greek nêdús, tà nêduia "viscera" [mc91: 83]

nevtlane "Neoptólemos" [az96]
"(one who) enjoys" [az96]

nexse "one who matches, agrees upon, is connected" [az96]
< *nek- "to tighten, grip" [az96]
see Latin nexus "tying together, connecting" [rmcc]

-ni accusative suffix of pronouns and demonstratives [source unknown]

nica "to lower, humiliate" [az96]
nicu "one who lowers" [az96]
< hnghw- [az96]

nina "to wave" [az96]

ninie "spinner" [az96]

nithu "(pars) hostilis" (of divinatory liver) [az96]

Nortia "Fortuna of Volsinii" goddess of fate and fortune, of the New Year; patron of Volsini [lb 90, mp 75, EM]

-nt- ending [pa]

-nth suffix of agent [pa]

*-nth active present participle [mcv]
see Indo-European *-nt [mcv]

*nu- "new" [az96]
see nurph "nine" [az96]
see Nostratic *NuEqV "now" [ag 79]

nucrtele "(boxing) fight judge" [az96]

nufre, nufrzna, nurfurznas family name, cognomen [g/lb83 83]
"discoverer, wise" [az96]
< *sneup [az96]
see Latinized Noborsinia [az96: 25]

nula-th "those from city/tribe of Nola" [pa]

numa "sign, notch, coinage" > "number" [az96]
numesie, numisiie, numna, numsi, numisie male name [mc91: 81]
"one who notches, makes signs, numbers" [az96]
see Latin Numerius [mc91: 81]
see Latin numerus [az96]

numclanie family name [g/lb85: 122]
< *num- + clan- "son"? [rmcc]

numni female name [mc91: 99]

numta "sign, mention" [az96]

nun, nuna "inclination, propensity" > "favor" [az96]
nuna "to not disturb" < "to favor" [az96]
nune "to favor" [az96]
nunia "(which) vacillates, inclines" [az96]
< *(h)neu-n- < *hnegw- [az96]

nuna, nuna-r (plural) "offerings" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
adjective referring to sacred qualities/function [mc91: 118]
"to announce" [az96]
nunth, nunth-en, nunth-ena, nunth-en-th, nunth-eri (gerundive) "make, do, making, doing" [mc68: 399]
"to sacrifice, make an offering" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
nunthek "has dedicated" (Delphi Inscription) [dep]

nunthena "announcement" [az96]

nurfzi "legation, embassy" [az96]

nurph, nutph "nine" [cb, g/lb83, mc91, mp68, pa. dep]
nurphzi "nine times" [g/lb83 80, mc91, mp68, pa]
< *nur "new?" [mcv]
see Indo-European "new after eight" [ag 78/79, er, mcv]
see Indo-European *ok'to_(u) "eight" < "twice four" [ag 78, 79, er 99, mcv]
see Indo-European *newn "nine" < *neu- "new" [ag 78/79, er, mcvr]
see Indo-European *nu "new" [ag 78/79, er, mcv]
see Kartvelian *arwa- "eight"; from Semitic [ag 78/79, er, mcv]
see Nostratic *NüqV "now" + *rph "eight" [ag 78/79, er, mcv]
see Arabic arba' "four" [rmcc]

nurziu, nurtine "fortunate" [az96]
< *s-ner "to spin" [az96]

nuS- "support" [az96]
< nuz- < nust- [az96: 16]

nuste "one who attaches, props, rivets" [az96]
nuzlxne "confirmation" < "riveting" [az96]
< *hnugw- "to strike" [az96] nuthin "to bend (to)" > "to admit, agree upon?" [az96]

nuvasni, nuvathi "wave" [az96] nuvi "novelty, inclination?" [az96]
nuvlaiu "(which) inclines, vacillating" [az96]

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