Etruscan Glossary I

Compilation and translations from French, Italian and Latin
by Rick Mc Callister and Silvia Mc Callister-Castillo ©1999

*i relative pronoun [gg 23 Jan 1998, mcv]
*in accusative [gg 23 Jan 1998]
i- , e- deictic [gg 23 Jan 1998]
dative/locative [mcv 9-2-99]
see i-ka, e-ca, i-pa, i-ta, e-ta [gg 23 Jan 1998]
see Indo-European relative and adjective forming suffix *io- [mcv 23 Jan 98]
see Indo-European *-ei, *-i [mcv 9-2-99]

-i suffix used with towns named after families [lrp 57]

-i, -ia feminine suffix [mp68: 395]

-i, -e, -a-i, -e-i comitative or strumental suffixes [pa]

ic, ix "as, how, if, like" [az96, g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
see enclitic -c [az96, g/lb83, mp68]
see compound ixnac [az96, g/lb83, mp68]
ix, ixnac "how" [g/lb83: 87; mp68: 400, pa, dep]

ica, ika, eca "this" nominative demonstrative pronoun (emphatic) [am91, az96, mc91, g/lb83, mcv, mp68, pa, dep]
ica-c "and this" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
ican, ikan, ikam, ecun, ecn, cn, cen accusative demonstrative pronoun (emphatic) [az96, mc91, g/lb83, mcv, mp68]
ecs, eclthi "this" (emphatic) [g/lb83, mcv, mp68]
see ca [am91, az96, mc91, g/lb83, mcv, mp68]
see Hittite kas [b/k/ 32 cit. mcv 9 Feb 99]

icana "weight" [az96]
icap, acap "weight" [az96]

icei "to be uncertain" [az96]
icni "oscillation, wavering, indecisive" [az96]
ika-m "by oscillation, waving" [az96]
ikania "oscillation, oscillating, wavering" [az96]

-ie suffix of pertinence or propriety [pa]

iiulathil, iiul "to lament, keen" [az96]
see Latin ululare "to lament, keen" [az96]

il "sun" [lb 90, mp 75]

ilacve, ilucve "on the one hand" [lb 299]
"as well as ?" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
"calends?" [mp68, pa]

ilaxe "destined" < "scrolled, rolled, considered" [az96]
see Latin volutus "scroll" [az96]

ilithiia "Ilithya" (goddess) [pa, g/lb83]
see Greek Eileithyia [pa]

ilni "woven, linked" [az96]
ilthcva, ilthcv "weave" > "link" [az96]
ilthcvav "linked, associated (past)" [az96]
< *il- < *vil- "to turn, weave" [az96]

ilu-, ilu-cu, ilucve, ila-cve, elu-, elu-ce, elu-ri "verb of offering or prayer" [g/lb83, mp68, pa]
"to offer" [dep]
ilucu act associated with religion [mp68: 409]
"destined" [az96]

iluu "overturned" [az96]

ima ame "commemorate, commemeration, conclave" [az96]
mi ima ame "I commemorate" [az96, 19 Jul 99]
imit-ve "commemorated (past)" [az96]

imla, ims "at the same time" [az96]
see Latin simul "at the same time" [az96]

in, inc, ininc "it" [g/lb83, cb, v]
relative? pronoun [mp68]
demonstrative and relative pronoun [pa, dep]
"it" [dep]
see an [dep]
see compounds inpa, inpein [mp68]
see Nostratic *'i proximate demonstrative pronoun "this" [ag 79]

in "facing, front, contrary, adverse, hostile" [az96]
< *hNt- [az96]

înarimê "Ischia (place)" [g/lb83]
"Monkey Island" [g/lb83]
< *în- "island?" *arim- "monkey" [g/lb83]
see Latin Pithecusa [g/lb83]
see Greek Pithekoussai "Monkey Island?" [g/lb83]

inc "to tighten, grip, repress" [az96]
< *enk [az96]

-inna suffix used with family names [lrp 57]

inte "adverse, averse, hostile" [az96]

ipa nominative relative & interrogative pronoun[g/lb83, mcv 23 Jan 98, mp68]
"the same" (masculine) [am91]
ipei "the same" (feminine) [am91]
inpa "which" accusative relative and relative demonstrative pronoun [g/lb83, mcv 23 Jan 98, mp68]
< *inqua [az96]
inpein "(s)he who, that which" [az96]
also ipa-s, ipa-l, ipe, ipe-i, ipe-ri [g/lb83, mcv 23 Jan 98, mp68]
< in pa? [Beekes, cit. mcv 8 Nov 96]

ipa "if, when" [az96]
relative pronoun [pa, dep]
ipa . . . ama (correlative of time) [az96]
ipas "oscillating, wavering" [az96]
ipase "dondolarsi, oscillare" [az96]
ipe ipa "whoever, whatever" [g/lb83]
ipe, iperi "to reflect, have an opinion, to make vacillate" [az96]
< *ip- [az96]
see *ep- "to vacillate" [az96]
see Hitite apas "this" [dep]
see Lycian ebe "this" [dep]

iqavusva, ethausva "Vesta" [az96]

irce "agitated, moved, upset (past)" [az96]
iria "agitator (fem.)" [az96]
see Latin ira "wrath, anger" [az96]

-is, -ias, -aias genitive singular for -i stem [b/k 32]

iSa genitive enclitic [az96]
-iSla demonstrative enclitic [az96]

isminthians "that which diminishes, brings misery" [az96]

-issa (suffix) [lrp 48]

ister "actor" [g/lb83]
see Latin histriô "actor" [g/lb83]

iSu- "halt" [az96]

iSvane "verifying, being, remaining" [az96]
present participle of iSv- [az96]
iSveitule "events, chance" [az96]
iSvia "events, fortune, luck" [az96]

-it- ending [pa]

ita, eta, ta "this" nominative demonstrative pronoun [am91, g/lb83, mcv]
"istud" [am91, mc91, pa, dep]
itan, itun, etn, tn "this" accusative demonstrative pronoun [mcv, pa]
itanim "this" [lb 299]
see ta "this" [am91, mc91, pa, dep]
see Latin istud "this" [dep]
see Russian eto "this" [dep]
see Greek to "the" [dep]
see Gothic thata "this" [dep]
see Sanskrit tah "this" [dep]
see Indo-European *to- [b/k 32, mcv 9 Feb99]

ital "established, legitimate, firm?" [az96]
itani "statue" [az96]
itesale "foundation, firmament" [az96]
itha "base, seat" [az96]
itiia "foundedness" [az96]
itir "bases" [az96]
itli "base" [az96]
itna < ituna "to found, base" [az96]
< *sed- "seat, base" [az96]

itani-m "and so" [mcv 8 Nov 96]

itrecs "internamento" > "burial" [az96]
itrile "innards" [az96]
itruta "buried" < "interned, enterred (feminine)" [az96]
< *itr- < *Nter "enter, internal" [az96]

*itu- "ides" < "to divide" [az96: 25; g/lb83, pa, dep]
itus "middle" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 75]
see ituna [mp68]
see Latin gloss ids, itus, ituare [az96: 25; g/lb83]
see Latin ids "ides" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 75]

itu "cippus (grave marker) base" [az96]

-iu diminutive suffix [pa]

izei "to be, to verify, happen" [az96]

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