Etruscan Glossary PH

Compilation and translations from French, Italian and Latin
by Rick Mc Callister and Silvia Mc Callister-Castillo ©1999

phacsneal, facsneal unknown [g/lb85: 91]

phamn, phamu "fame, glory" [az96]
see Latin fama "fame, report, rumor" [az96]

phaun, faun "Phaon (plays lyre; given eternal youth by Aphrodite in Greek myth)" [g/lb83]

phauxania "striking" [az96]

phersipnai "Persephone" [g/lb83]
"Shakes off-Horror" [az96]

phersu "mask, masked character, masked actor" [cb, rah 59, bm 24-25, pb 24-25, nv 73, g/lb83, lrp 51, mc91 67, mp68, dep, pa, gm97]
"bristling" > "satyrical actor" [az96]
see Latin persona, personna "mask, person" [cb, rah 59, bm 24-25, pb 24-25, nv 73, g/lb83, lrp 51, mc91 67, mp68, dep, pa, gm97]
see Gk. prósopon [lrp 49]

phesu "(which) bites, punches" [az96]

phexucu "polished, refined" [az96]

phinuis "phoenix" [g/lb83 67]
see Greek Phoînix "phoenix" [g/lb83 67]

phipece "palpitation" [az96]

phlaviena name [az96]
corresponds to Latin Flavius [de Simone cit. az96: 23]

phokia-si-ale "Phocaean?" Lemnian [mcv 12 Mar 98]

phruriel "desk" [az96]

phulnice, phulnise, pulnice name? [no citation]

phulphsna "Polyxéne" [es 15 Jun 99]
female spectator when Helen flees from Menelaos armed with sword [g/lb83]
"palpitation, tremor" [az96]

phulu "splendor" [az96]

phurthce "has had done, disposed" [az96]
"brought, got" [am91]

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