Etruscan Glossary sm/SM-sx/SX

Compilation and translations from French, Italian and Latin
by Rick Mc Callister and Silvia Mc Callister-Castillo ©1999

Note: s and S represent distinct phonemes
s represents unvoiced dorsal /s/
S may represent unvoiced affricate /sh/ or apical /S/
spelling conventions varied and are not always consistent
therefore use of s and S may represent variant spellings of the same word
or may distinguish unrelated words

smeltha "tight, narrow" [az96]

sminthe "wretched, diminuitive" [az96]
see Smintheus [rmcc]

smucinthiu "censer, incense burner" [am91]

snaus "turn, course" [az96]
snua "to turn (over)" [az96]
snuiaf "run, turn" [az96]
snute "one who turns (to), runs" [az96]
snutuph "occurance, luck" < "something that comes one's way" [az96]

snanaziulas "connections, plots" [az96]

snenath, Snenath "maid, companion (fem.)" [mp68, pa, dep]
"Parca" [az96]
"spun" > "destiny" [az96]
sneanth turans "Turan's maid" [g/lb83]

snuiaph "ritual driving of the nails, rites?" [g/lb83 56]
"great-er" (-aph = comparative)? [mcv 8 Nov 96]

snuza "result" [az96]
< *snutia "result" [az96]

Sora place name [lrp 57]

spanti, spati, Spanti "plate" [mc91]
"type of dish, vessel" [dep, pa, mcv?]
spanza diminutive of spanti "plate"[gzb]
see Umbrian spanti "type of dish" [mcv?]
see Latin patella "dish, plate" [gzb]

spantu "male family name" [gm97, mc91: 127]
spantui female family name [gm97, mc91: 127]
"spansus" [az96]

spedo, spitu family name [g/lb83 58]

spelana "infringement?" [az96]
see Latin scelus "crime, scoundrel" [az96]

spelthi "to kill" [az96]
spelthuta "truncated, chopped" > "dead" [az96]

speras "hope, prospects" [az96]
see Latin spex, sperare "hope, to hope" [az96]

spet, Spet "to drink" [pa, dep]
spet- spetri "sacred act", "to pour, taste a libation?" [az91]
see Latin bibere "to drink" [dep]
see Sanskrit pibati "to drink" [dep]
see Albanese pi "to drink" [dep]
see Old Irish ibim (I drink) [dep]
see Prussian poieiti "to drink" [dep]

spet- spetri "sacred act", "libare?" [az91]
"to observe" [az96]
spiu "observer, spy" [az96]
< *speh-t- [az96]
see Greek spéndô [mp68]

spirare "to breathe" Latin [rc 229]
of Etruscan origin?

spitu, spitus male name [g/lb83 84]
family name [mc91: 133]

spulare epithet used with Artemis [g/lb85: 157]
spula, spulare "make splendid, honor?" [az96]

spur "remains" [az96]

spur-, Spur-, "city, citizenry" [am91, az96, cb, EB XXII:801, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, v]
spur-ethi "city, citizenry" locative [az96, cb, EB XXII:801, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, v]
spur-eri, Spur-eri
"city, citizenry" indirect object [az96, cb, EB XXII:801, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, v]
"for towns" [gm97]
"city, citizenry" [az96, cb, EB XXII:801, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, v]
spura "community" [mc91]
spural, Spural "of the city, citizenry" [az96, mc91: 63, mp68]
Spurana, spurana, spureni, Spureni "pertaining to the city" [g/lb83 81]
"civic, citizen" [az96, mc91: 63, pa, dep]
"citizenry" [am91]
spura "footprint" [az96]
spure "beaten path" [az96]
spuriaze, spuriazes, Spuriaze "public" [mp68, pa, dep]
"trampled" > "beaten" > "pavement" > "vestibule" [az96]
spurie, Spurie male name [mc91: 96]
spurina family name; famous Etruscan haruspex [az96]
"vestigator" [az96]
< *spuriena [az96]
spuriza "bastard" < "dispreciated" [az96, lrp 48, 57, nv 73]
spurius "son of an unknown father" [az96, lrp 48, 57, nv 73]
see Latin spurcus "impure" [rmcc]
see Latin Spurinna [g/lb 85: 47, 106; lrp 48, mc91:96]
see Latin Spurius [g/lb83]
spur-, Spur "city" [pa. dep]
"village, community" [gzb]
see Sanskrit pur "wall" [dep]
see Greek Spartê "city" [dep]
Lydian see Sparda "city" [dep]

spurina family name; famous Etruscan haruspex [az96]
"vestigator" [az96]
< *spuriena [az96]
spurta "investigated" [az96]

Squlina "Sculina (personal name)" [mc91: 108]
squria "Scuria (female name)" [mc91: 114]
squrie male name [mc91: 114]

sran "to shout" [az96]

sren, Sran "design, ornament, figure" [az96, cb, v, g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
srencva, Srencve, Srenxve "decorated, figured, adorned" [mp68, pa, dep]
"incision" > "haruspex" [az96]
Srentve "decorated, adorned" [gzb]

subulo "flute" Latin of Etruscan origin [gm97]

staile "stable, in good condition" [az96]

stas "assistent, supporter" [az96]

steprni "one who tramples" [az96]

stilus "pen" Latin via Etruscan, originally Greek [g/lb 85: 83]

streta "placed, ready" [az96]

streta "exercised, instructed, army?" [az96]

stultnei "Sedilia" [az96]
"(she) of the seat, bench" [az96]

stvi "tiller" > "guide" [az96]

suazu "sodality, brotherhood, way of life?" [az96]

subarra Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 57]
Subura "Etruscan quarter of Rome", [lb 90, mp 75]
see Sybaris (Greek city) [htb]

Suci, Sucic, sucix "piece, part" [az96]
Sucn- "piece, part?" [az96]
Sucri "dividing, cutting" [az96]
Sucu, Sucisna- "(which) smashes, piece?" [az96]
Suxu "part" [az96]
< *stuk [az96]

Sucix firin "pars hostilis (of divinatory liver)" [az96]

sucri "one must declare" [mp68: 413]
sucri thezaric "must be made and immolated" [g/lb85: 171]

sul, sulxva [sing.], sulsle [plural] "watch, observation" [az96]
sulunia "observer (fem.)" [az96]

sun- "dangerous, hurt" [az96]

suplu "flautist" [az: 418, g/lb83, lrp 48, mc91: 67, mp68, rah 59]
"whistler, piper, flautist" [pa, dep]
see Latin sûbulô, sûbina "flautist" (acc. Varro) [az: 418, g/lb83, lrp 48, mc91: 67, mp68, rah 59, gm97]
see Latin sufflare "to blow" [pa]

Supri, supri "amazing" [az96]
see Lat. stupendus "amazing" [az96]
(-ri gerundive morph.) [az 29 Mar 99]

Sure "branch, stake" [az96]
Sure, Suri demon [mp68: 407]
Suri "god of luck, affixer, reinforcer" [az96]
Surisice "assured, affixed" [az96]
< *stôr- < *staur- "reinforce"
see Lat. sûrus "branch, stake", restauro "restore" [az96: 17, 29 Mar 99]

Surina "Orvieto (town)" [djh 14]
Orvierto < Urbs Vetus "old town" [djh 14]
see Latin Surrîna [djh 14]

Surna "(of the) peg, support, rod" [az96]
surnu "peg, stalk, rod" [az96]
see Latin sûrus "branch, stake" [az96]

Surte "luck" [az96]
see Italian sorte "luck" [az96]

Surve "firm" [az96]

Sutana "consolidation, support" [az96]
suth-, Suth-, sut-, St-, Suth-ce, sut-anaS "to stay, place, put"
"support" [az96]
Suti, suthi, Suthi, SuthiS possessive "construction, place, seat, tomb, site, burial" [am91, az96, cb, v, g/lb83, mc91: 64, mp68, pa, dep]
Suthil, Suthina, sutna, Sutna
"funerary, of the tomb" [mp68, mc91]
burial object, burial gift" [az96, g/lb83]
"sepulchral, pertaining to the tomb" [pa, dep]
"funerary" [am91]
suthi-th, Suthi-th, suthithi, Suthi-ti locative "construction, place, seat, tomb, burial" [az96, cb, v, g/lb83, mc91: 64, mp68]
Suthu, suthil, suthuv-r plural "construction, place, seat, tomb, burial" [az96, cb, v, g/lb83, mc91: 64, mp68]
Suthu "sepulchral" [az96]
Suza "of support, construction" adjective [az96]
< *Suthia "of support, construction" [az96]
see Sat-, sath-, Sath- [g/lb83, mp68]
< *Sut, *Suth < *studh- [az96]
Suth, suth-, sut- "to stay, to place" [dep, pa]
see English sit [dep]
see Lithuanian sedeti "to sit" [dep]
see Breton azezan "to sit" [dep]
see Gothic sitan "to sit" [dep]
see Sanskrit sidati "to sit" [dep]
see Greek hizo "I sit" [dep]

suth "sheep" [az96]

suthce "fermented" [az96]

Suthri "Sutri (town)" [g/lb83, djh 14]
Suthrina family name based on place name [mp68: 229]
see Latin Sutrium [g/lb83, djh 14]

sutu "bothersome" [az96]

suvlu "scion, boy" > "child?" [az96]

-sva "his, her(s), (ones) own?" [az96]
sve "likewise" [g/lb83 87]
"(ones) own, his, her(s), their(s)" [az96]
svea, svenia "custom, habitual" [az96]
see Italian suo, suoi "his, her(s), their, ones own?" [az96]

sval, sval-as, sval-asi, sval-th-as, saval-, saval-thas, sval-en "to live, alive" [g/lb83, lb 90, mc91, mp 75, pa, dep]
"alive, sibi?" [az96]
svalas, svalasi "for life" [mp68: 228]
svalce "s/he lived" [g/lb83, lb 90, mc91, mp 75, pa]
svaltha "alive" [mc91]
svel-, Svel-, Svel-eri, Svel-S-treS "to be alive" [mp68]
see Latin valeo "I am well, I am strong" [dep]
see Old Baltic veliji "great"[dep]
see English swell [dep]
see Indo-European swal-, wal- "to be strong, to be big" [dep]

svasi "urged, persuaded" [az96]
see Latin suasit "urged, persuaded" [az96]

Sveama, Suana "Sovana (town)" [g/lb83, djh 14]
see Latin Suana [g/lb83, djh 14]
sveamax "from Sovana" [g/lb85: 161]

svec "voice, proclamation" [az96]
svekuntina "resounding" [az96]
svexnax "invocation?" [az96]

svel "to defer, slow down, delay" [az96]
sveleri "defering, slowing down, delaying (gerund)" [az96]
Svel < *swel "to extinguish, calm" [az96: 17]

sxuinia "observation" [az96]

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