Etruscan Glossary TH

Compilation and translations from French, Italian and Latin
by Rick Mc Callister and Silvia Mc Callister-Castillo ©1999

-th nominative ending [az96: 27]

-th imperative ending [mp68: 399]

-th locative ending [am91]
-th tribal, ethnic suffix [pa]

-tha feminine suffix [mp68: 395]
*-tha "woman" [Stoltenberg 67 cit. ag 79]

tha, thac "silence" [az96: 21]
see Latin tacere "to be silent" [az96: 21]

thaclthi "in silence" [az96: 21]

thafa "accursed?" [az96: 20]
< *thap-, *thaf- < *daph- "to squander, lavish, consume" [az96: 20]
see Greek, Latin dap- "banquet" [az96: 20]

thafna, tafina, thahvna, thapn, thapna, thapn-i, thapne-S-tS "chalice, drinking cup" [mc91: 48. pa]
"pitcher" [gzb]
"saucer, shallow dish" [az96]
"vessel (for offerings)" [g/lb83, mp68]
"profusion" [az96]

thalana, thalna female associated with sex and childbirth [g/lb83]
associated with Tinia [EM]
"Flowering, Flowery" [az96]
see Greek thal- [az96]

tham-, thamce, thamuce "to build, found, put" [g/lb83, gg 4 Mar 99, mp68, pa]
thamce, thamuce, themiasa < tham-, them- "(has) commanded, disposed" [az96]
thamuce cleva made a gift [mcv 8 Nov 96]

thamrie, thamri "oscurato, scavato?" [az96]

thana, thania female name [mc91: 98]
"Fine, Gracious" [az96]
thanaxvil, than-cvil, thanxvil female name [gm97, mc91: 60]
"Tanaquil (gift of Thana)" [mc91: 60]
< Thana + cvil "gift" [g/lb83, mp68]
"Fine, Gracious" [az96]
thanal "finely" > "acutely" [az96]
thanasa, tanasa, tanasa-r "actor, character or person in a ritual or rite" [mp68, cit. az96" 394]
see thans, thans-ur [mp68, cit. az96" 394]
thanr female associated with divine births, e.g. Minerva [g/lb83]
"(goddess) subtlety, scarcity" (alter ego of Ops)" [az96]
thanra "scarcity" [az96]
thans, thansur "pratracted, course" [az96]
< *than- "to pull" > "to make subtle, to lengthen" [az96]
see Latin ten-uo "to hold, maintain", ten-or "course, position" [az96: 21]

thansesca "office" [az96]
thansi, thansina, thansinei "worker" [az96]

thansina family name [g/lb85: 122]

thanu "to make fluid" [az96]
thanurari "to prolong, protract" [az96]
see Latin ten-uo "to hold, maintain", ten-or "course, position" [az96]

thap-, thap-icun, thap-intaS, thap-intaiS "to dedicate, devote" [mp68, pa, dep]
thapicun "to curse, I curse[d]" [az96, mcv 22 Jan 98]
thapinta- "accursed?" [az96]

thapnests "(having) versato" [az96]

thapnza "dish, plate" [az96]

thar "there, thither" [g/lb83 87]
"interiora" [az96]

tharnie family name [g/lb83 25]

tharx "torpid" [az96: 21]
< *dwerg, *dwergw [az96: 21]
see Latin torpidus "torpid" [az96: 21]

-thas, -thaS, -thasa active past participle [mp68: 399]
see Indo-European *-to [mcv 9 Feb 99]

thase "late, tedious" [az96]
thasini "late, fastious, tedious" [az96]

thaur-, thaura, thaure, thaur-uS, thaure "sepulcher, tomb" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
"oppressive action, painful, violation" [az96]
thaurx "sepulchral, funerary" [g/lb83, pa, dep]
see cepen thaurx "funerary priest" [mp68]
"(pars) hostilis (of divinitory liver)" [az96]

thaxseri "to be esteemed" [az96]
thaxsin "to esteem" [az96]

*the- "to put, to place" [Pfiffig cit. ag 79]
see thezince [Pfiffig cit. ag 79]
see Indo-European *dha:- [Pfiffig cit. ag 79]
see Nostratic *de`V, *dV`V "to put, to place" [Pfiffig cit. ag 79]

thec "to knead" > "to model, adjust" [az96]
< *dheig [az96]

thefarie, thihvarie, thybris "Tiberius" [g/lb83]
see Latin Tiberis, Tifernum "from the Tibur" [az96: 22]

thelu, thul "lasted, stayed" [az96]
< *dwel- [az96]

themiasa "he placed" [lb 299]
"officiated" [am91]
"caring for, caretaker?" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
see Greek Thémis [am91]

then "sepulcher" [az96]
thenal, thenus "sepulchral" [az96]
thenax-ice "to have trampled" [az96]
thene "to press, depress, compress" [az96]
thenth "press, depress, compress (imperative)" [az96]
< *then- [az96]

thenthe "brake, impediment" [az96]

thepri, thefri, thefarie"one who presses, tramples, violent" [az96]
< *theph-, *thuph- [az96]
thepza "beaten, pressed" > "buried?" [az96]
< *thepis-tha, *theps-tha [az96]

theSa "bound, fascinated" [az96]

thesan, thesn-s, thesnin, thesan-e "Aurora (goddess), aurora, morning, dawn" [g/lb83, mp68, pa]
"Aurora"; goddess of the dawn, patroness of childbirth [EM]
"dawn god" [cb]
"divination" [az96]
thesanthei "divining, brilliant" [az96]
thesi "illumination" [az96]
thesnin adjectival form [g/lb83, mp68]
"to manifest, divine" [az96]
thesnx "divination" [az96]
thesviti "clear, famous (fem.)" [az96]
thesathei male name [g/lb85: 30]
< *twes < *dyes-/*diwes "light" [az96: 21]

these "Theseus" [g/lb83]

thethis "Thétis" [az96]
"Sweetness, Bounty, Kindness, Goodness" [az96]

thethlumth deity of fate or underworld; pars hostilis/pars postica [mp68: 251]

thethure "(one who ha la) scure?" [az96]

theu "bother, oppression?" [az96]

*thevru, *theuru "bull" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
thevru, thauru "hard, violent" [az96]
thevrumineS, therrumines "Minotaur" (see de Simone II: 95) [g/lb83, mp68]
see Latin dûrus [az96]
see Latin taurus "bull" [pa]
see Greek taûros [pa]
see Aramaic thowrâ "ox" [pa]
see Arabic tawra "bull" [pa]
probably from Semitic [dep]

thez-, tez, thez-i, thez-in, thez-ine, thez, in-ce, thez-eri "to make an offering, sacrifice" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
thezeri "sacrificing, offering" [g/lb83 85]
"to be fulfilled" [mp68: 413]
"interrogating, inquiring, divining?" [az96]
"kill" [gm97]
thezin "to interrogate, inquire, divine?" [az96]
thezi "quaestorship?" [az96]
thezine "interrogating, investigating, divining?" [az96]

thi, ti, thi-i, thi-l "thou?" 2nd person singular pronoun? [gg Mar 99]
-ti, -th, -thi 2s imperative suffixes [gg Mar 99]
"pronoun" [b/k 32 cit. mcv 13 Mar 99, g/lb83, mp68]
see Indo-European *twe [gg Mar 99]
see Uralic *ten [gg Mar 99]

-thi, -ti ending [mcv Apr 99, sag]
see Indo-European *-dhi (locative) [mcv Apr 99, sag]
see e.g. Greek oiko-thi "at home" [mcv Apr 99, sag]

thi, thil oblique)[az96]
this "weave" > "contract, viscera" [az96]
< *dev, *dv "to bind" [az96]

thia "companion, accompany" [az96]

thii "baths" [az96]

thil "solum, suolo, tavolato?" [az96]

thimrae "(which) punishes?" [az96]

thina, tina "vase, ôlla" [g/lb83/85: 126, mc91: 114]
"earthen pot, jar, urn" [pa, dep]
thina "to bathe" [az96]
< *dev-, *dv- "to bathe" [az96]
see Latin tina "wine jug" [g/lb83/85: 126, mc91: 114]
see Spanish tina "bathtub"
see Greek deînos, dînos [g/lb83/85: 126, mc91: 114]

thix "thick?" [az96]

thlupcva "globe" > "lobe" [az96]

thormena name [az96: 25]

thrama"attendent, orderly" < "one who hastens" [az96]

thrasce "(is) transformed?" [az96]
"I fed" [am91]
see Greek tréphô, tráphô [am91]

thresu "worker, servant" [az96]

thu, thun, tun, thue-S, thun-S, thus-i, thu-t, tun-t "one, single, alone, only" [am91, cb, djh 72, mcv 8 Nov 96, g/lb83, mc91, mp68, pa, dep, gzb]
see derivatives thunSna, thunxer-, thunxer-S, thunxul-, thunxul-e, thunxul-the, thunxul-l, tunur, thufi, thueS, thuvas [cb, djh 72, mcv, g/lb83, mc91, mp68]
thun-em ce-alx "twenty nine" [g/lb83 79, mc91, gzb]
thun-em zathrum "nineteen" [g/lb83 79]
thunSna "first" [g/lb83 81]
thunur "one at a time" [g/lb83 80]
thunz "once" [g/lb83, mc91, mp68, pa]
< *hwoin- [az96]
see thuta "people" < "entire, whole, one?" [rmcc]
see Nostratic 'UXdE, 'UQdE "one, only" [Dolgopol'skij Etimologija 1967) cit. ag 1978]

thucer, thuker, thocero, tocro male name [g/lb85: 58/106, mc91: 96]
"lucky" [az96]
thucerna family name [g/lb85: 58/106]
thucri "to carry" [gm97]
thucte "gathered, found" [az96]
thucte month name [g/lb83]
thucu"chance, mishap" [az96]
thux "to gather, arrive" [az96]
see Latin Thoceronia [g/lb85: 58/106]

thuf "oppressed" [az96]
thufi, tupi "(function of) repression" [az96]
thuflthic "push, blow, beating" [az96]
< thuph-, theph- [az96]
< *themp, *temp, *tep, *tebh, *tembh, *stebh, *stembh [az96]

thufltha, thuflthas, thuflthaS, thupltha "Thufltha (female underworld demon)" [Pfiffig 1969 cit. ag 79, mc91: 48/144]
"consentes, complices" [mp68: 246]
"Pilumnus (god)" [az96]

thueS "their own" [mcv 8 Nov 96]

thui "here, now" [am91, az96, g/lb83 76, mp68, pa]

thuluter "divine pair at Bolsena" [mp68: 247]

thuma "to dispose, judge" [az96]
thumitle "judgements, responses" [az96]
thumsa "judgement" [az96]

thun, thuns, thunt "to protract, prolong" [az96]
thuni "prolongment, protraction" [az96]
thunsna "course, protracted" [az96]

thunx "to sentence, decide" [az96]
thunxer "undestandings, advice, judgements" [az96]
thunxule "sentence" [az96]
thunxulthe "was sentenced, decided" [az96]
see Old Latin tongeo [az96: 21]

thup < tup "to punish" [ag 79]
see Nostratic *t.ubV "deep" [ag 79]

-thur, -thura suffix indicating membership in a group [mp68: 395]
-thuras "family" [g/lb85: 162]
collective suffix [pa]
genitive of group? [rmcc]

thurma "crowd, swarm" [az96]
thurmerna "of a squadron" [az96]
see Latin turmalis "of a squadron" [az96]

thuruni "bath, basin" [az96]

thusatna "spouses" [az96]

thuta "people" [lb 299]
see Latin tot- [lb 299]
see Germanic teuto- [rmcc]

thuta "guardian (female)" [az96]
"priestess" [am91]
thuta "reservedness, prudence" [az96]
thutna "guardian" [az96]
thutuithi "guardian" [az96]
"of the priesthood" [am91]
thuva, thuve "guarded place, cell" [az96]
thue, thuve "protected place" [az96]
thuvas "of this sacred place" [lb 299]
"of his own/private" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
thval "pertaining to the priesthood" [am91]
see Italian tutrice [az96]

thuv- "to erect" [dep]
see Lycian tuve- "to erect, to place" [dep]

thuva "brother" [pa, dep]

thval "base, lintel, doorstep" [az96]
thvarie "door, entrance" [az96]
thvariena "doorkeeper" [az96]
see Latin foris [az96]

thveS "from, to each, everyone" [mp68: 404]

thvt thas celestial deity [mp68: 251]

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