Etruscan Glossary TM-TV

Compilation and translations from French, Italian and Latin
by Rick Mc Callister and Silvia Mc Callister-Castillo ©1999

tmase "building" [az96]
tmia, timia "temple, sacred place" [az96, lb 299, mcv 8 Nov 96, g/lb83, mp68: 407, pa, dep]
"offer, offering" [am91]
"enclosure" [mc91: 73]
tmial "of the temple" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
see tam [dep]
see Greek tmé:dên, tmé:tikós [am91]
see Latin templum "temple" [mp68]

-tnam "and, also (suffix)" [mp68: 400, pa, dep]
"tendency (suffix)" [az96]
see etnam [g/lb83, pa, dep]
emphatic conjunction [mp68: 400]
see Umbrian inumek [mp68: 400]
see Latin item, etiam "also" [mp68: 400]

tnuc "detain, make an obstacle" [az96]

tolonio Etruscan family name [g/lb83 20]
see Latin Tolumnius [g/lb83 20]

-tra "toward" [az96]
see Latin trans "across, beyond" [rmcc]

trav, trau "ratify with an act of faith" [az96]
travzi "worthy of faith, to accreditation" [az96]

-tre "beyond" [az96]
see Italian oltre "beyond" [az96]

treplat-, trepu "architect, builder of houses and wooden structures, carpenter" [az96: 25]
trepuni cognomen "architect, builder" [az96: 25]
< *treb, *trep [az96: 25]
see Latinized Treboni, Trepu, Treponias, Treponias [az96: 25]

-tres "against" < "across" [az96]

trin, trin-th, trin-th-aSa "to invoke, plead, pray, supplicate" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep, gzb]
"to shout" [az96]
trinethi "shouted" [az96]
trinthasa "shouting (past)" [az96]

tritun "Triton" < "Mugghiante" [az96]

triumphus "triumph" Latin via Etruscan [rah 59, EB XXII:647]
see Greek thríambos [pa]

Trossuli Roman equitês century, of Etruscan origin [lrp 48]

truia "circle, circus" > "world, orbs, the beyond" [az96]

truia "Troy" [g/lb83]
truials "Trojan" [g/lb83]

*truna, *thruna "power, command, sovereignty, rule, government" [mp68, pa, dep]
see turan "lady" [mp68]
Greek gloss droúna (Hesykhios) [mp68]
see Greek túrannos "tyrant" [mp68]

trut, truth, trut-ana-Sa "sacred act" [mp68, pa, dep]
"libation" [g/lb83]
"to investigate" [az96]
trutnvt frontac, trutvecie "fulguriator" [mp68]
trutnvt frontac "fulgurantes (lightning readers)" [djh 88]
trutnuth, trutnut, trutnvt "priest, oracle, fulguriator" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]

trutvecia "push out, drive out" [az96]
see Latin trûdere, trûsere "push out, drive out" [az96]

tuder "Todi (town)" [g/lb83 26]

tul "to divide, assign" [az96]
act associated with religion [mp68: 409]
< *dvel [az96]

tul, tular, tularu "limit(s), border, lot, boundaries" [am91, ag 79, az96, mc91: 146/150, mcv, mp68, v, g/lb83, pa]
"established" [lb 299]
tul "to divide, share, assign" [az96]
act associated with religion [mp68: 409]
"stone, border" [dep]
"stone" [ag 79, g/lb83]
tulalu "divider" [az96]
tulerase "enclosure?" [az91?]
tupi "stone" [pa]
see Umbrian Tuter "Todi (town)" [mc91: 148]
see Greek thoúle, Latin Thule northernmost land in ancient times [pa]
see Nostratic *tulGa "peak" [Dolgopol'skij 1972 cit. ag 79]

tularia family name [mc91: 148]

tuler, tulera month name [az96]

tumu cognomen [g/lb85: 104]
"beater" [az96]

tunt "to hit, run into" [az96]

tuntle "Tundáreus" [az96]
"one who lights" [az96]

tunur "one at a time" [g/lb83]

tunur "ramparts?" [az96]

tupi "fatigue" [am91]
see Greek túpos, tupê [am91]
see Old Indian tupati [am91]

tur "the robust one" > "bull, ox" [az96]
< *taur- [az96]
tura "robust, solid (fem.)" > "cow, heifer" [az96]
tura, ture "to reinforce, swell, make firm" [az96]
ture "cows" [az96]
< *turai [az96]
see Latin taurus "bull" [az96]

tur-, tur-a, tur-e, tur-i, tur-u, tur-une, "to give, dedicate" [am91, cb, v, g/lb83, mc91, pa, dep]
turan "given" [am91]
turu "donator, giver" [az96]
"dedicated" [mc91]
tur-u-ce, tur-un-ke, tur-i-ce, tur-ce, tiurke "s/he gave (it), given, s/he dedicated" [am91, az96, cb, v, g/lb83, mc91, lb 299, mcv, pa]
tur-une "cession, yielding' [mp68: 405]
"gave" [az96]
turuce "s/he dedicated" [pa]
turza "offer" [pa, dep]
see Latin dare, donum "to give, gift" [lb 90, mp68/75, pa, dep]
see Greek dôron "gift" [pa, dep]
see Russian dat' "to give" [dep]
see Sanskrit danam "gift" [dep]
see Armenian tur "gift" [dep]
see Old Slavic daru "gift" [dep]

tur, tura "incense" [g/lb83 90]
see Latin tûr, tûris "incense" [g/lb83 90]
see Greek thúos [g/lb83 90]

turan "Aphrodite, Venus" [cb, djh 95, g/lb83, mc91: 53, EM]
patroness of Vulci [EM]
"lady, mistress" [lb 90, mp 75]
"(godess of) love, worship" [az96]
turanuve, turannuve "lovable, venerable" [az96]
see tur "to give" [Morandi cit. am91]
see Greek túrannos "tyrant" [mc91: 83]

turane "July" [pa, dep]
*traneus "July" Latinized form [pa]

turi "to turn, spin" [az96]
turia "Turô" [az96]
"(goddess of) turning" [az96]

turms, turmS "Hermes, Mercury" [az 96, cb, djh 95, g/lb83, mc91: 53, EM]
guides the dead to the underworld [EM]
"Agitation, Trepidation, Turbulence"
turmuca "trepidating" [az96]
turpsi "turbulent" [az96]
see Latin turba "mob, confusion" [az96]

tursikina (cognomen) "Etruscan" [g/lb85: 104]

turve "upheaval, disturbance" [az96]

turza, turza-i, turza-is "offering" [g/lb83, mp68]

turza "viscera" < "plait, weave" [az96]

tus, tuS, tuS-thi, tuS-ur-thi (plural) "funerary niche, repository" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 75, pa, dep]
"joined" [az96]
tusti, tusthi, tusurthi "joined, yoked" [az96]
tuSuvas, tuSthuveS, tusurthir "in the double urn, i.e. married couple" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 75]

tuscana, tuscna "Tuscania (town)" [g/lb83]
see Latin Tuscâna [g/lb83]
see Latin Etrûria < *Etrûs-ia; [g/lb85: 59]
see Latin tuscus < *turs-cos (Latin); [g/lb85: 59]
see Umbrian tuscom < turkum [g/lb85: 59]
see Greek Tyrs-ênoi; [g/lb85: 59]
see Greek tûrsis, [g/lb85: 59]
Latin turris "tower" [g/lb85: 59]

tusiu, tusnu "swollen, jammed, rich, smug, excited" [az96]
< *tew-s [az96]

tusna Turan's swan [g/lb83]
"fullness, lushness" [az96]

tusnitina, tusnutie "Crassianus?" [az96]

tuSnutn, tuSnutnie "glory" [g/lb83 110]

tute male name, family name [mc91: 78/139]
"Picciatore, Tudeús" [az96]

tuthace "(has) obliged" [az96]
tuthina "legate, bound, obliged" [az96]
tuthines tlenaxeis"vow, undertaking" [az96]
tuthiu "(one who) undertakes, devotee" [az96]
tutin "to vow, promise, be obligated" [az96]
tutu, tut "endeavor, promise" [az96]

tuthi, tuti- "community, state" [mp68, pa, dep]
tutin, tutim, tuthun, tuthiu, tuthin, tuthina-, tuthineS, tudhina-"of the state, public" [mp68, g/lb83, pa, dep]
see Umbrian tota [g/lb83 91, mp68]
see Oscan tota [dep]
see Indo-European *teutâ "people, nation, land" [pa]

tutna family name [g/lb85: 104]
personal name [mc91: 102]
"striker, beater" [az96]

tutulus article of feminine attire [js]

tuxlac "continued, protracted" [az96]

tuxulxa demon with vulture's beak, donkey's ears and writhing snakes [g/lb83]
demoness of the underworld [EM]

tva "shows" [g/lb83 77]

tvami "Darkness (god)" [az96]

tvnth, tvnthle, tuntle "one who lights?" [az96]

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