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Etruscan Glossary AS-AZ

Compilation and translations from French, Italian and Latin
by Rick Mc Callister and Silvia Mc Callister-Castillo ©1999

-as, -aS past participle [mp68: 399]

-as, -aS < *-a-si genitive suffix for -a stem words [b/k 32, mcv 9 Apr 99]

-as, -s consonant stem genitive singular [b/k 32]

asate "wind, windy?" [az96]
ase "breath, wind, soul" [az96]
asi "inspiration, spirit, wind" [az96]
< *ans < *ant-s "breath, wind" [az96]

-asi < *-as-i- dative suffix for -a stem words [mcv 9 Apr 99]

asil "sacred establishment: base" [mp68]
derivative aSlax [mp68]
< *aZ- "ardor" [az96]
see Latin assis, asser "stake" [mp68]
see Latin ara "alter" [az96]

aska "arybalis for oil" [az96, g/lb83 91, mp68]
"leather container" [pa, dep]
see Greek askós "leather container" [pa, dep, az96, g/lb83 91, mp68]

askaita "incinerated" [az96]

aSler "ashes, bones?" [az96]

asom fer "bring the roasts" [az96]

ataine "eater, gnawer" [az96]
ataiun "Aktaíôn" [mc91: 45]
"bitten, biter?" [az96]
ate "mordant, biting" [az96]
< atei [az96]
ateri "one who is irritated" [az96]
< *at- [az96]

atale "family, of the same clan" [az96]
atalena, atalina "relatives, of the same clan" [az96]
atena "of the same father, family, clan" [az96]
athelis "familiar, of the family, beneficient" [az96]
athemeisca, athemeica "of the family" [az96]
*athumi "nobility" [g/lb83 81]
atlenta, atlnta, atalanta, athal "Atalántê" [g/lb85: 152, mc91]
"of birth, nobility, lineage" [az96]
athumic, athmic, athumit "noble" [g/lb83 81, lb 90, mp 75]
"family, of the family, beneficient" [az96]
< *ath- "lineage, family" [az96]

ate "encouraging, pressing" [az96]
atheneica "one who encourages, urges" [az96]
athinethi "to request, to urge" [az96]
athis "excitement" [az96]
athnu "one who urges" [az96]

atelina family name [g/lb83: 77, mc91: 116, pa]

atella place name [lrp 57]

atena Latin from Etruscan [mp68: 369]

ateri "parents, ancestors" [g/lb83 89]
"paternal" [lb 90, mp 75]
see Lat. patrius "paternal, native" [htb]

athre "building" [g/lb83, mp68]
"request, provocation?" [az96]
atranes "relating to 'building?" [g/lb83, mp68]
"of the temple" [lb 299]
atri, âtrium "atrium" [djh 61, lb 90, mp68/75]
athre "atrium, hall" [pa, dep]
see Latin atrium [g/lb83, mp68, dep]

athrpa "Atropos"
see Greek [az96, mc91]

ati, atiu, ativu, atis "mother," [az96, cb, EB XXII:801, g/lb83, lb 90, mc91, mp 68/75, v, pa, dep, gzb]
ati nacnuva, ati nacna, ati nacnva "grandmother" [g/lb83 89, mp68, pa]
"mater posteriatis, mater propinqua, grandmother" [az96]
atiial "of mother" [mcv 23 Jan 98]
atina "nurse" [az96]
atiuce "nourished, well fed" [az96]
atiuth "stepmother" [az96]
ativu, atiu "Mommy" [g/lb83 89]
"stepmother, nurse, wet nurse" [az96]
see Gothic athei "mother" [dep]
see Oscan aeda "father" [dep]
see Hittite attas "father" [dep]
see Old Irish aite "educator" [dep]
see Old Slavic otitshi "father" [dep]
see Albanese at "father" [dep]
see Indo-European *atta "father" [dep]

atie family name [mc91]

atmite "Admetus" [g/lb85: 145]

atoï "shepherd cabin" (Alpine < pre-Celtic) [b/b 126]
Tyrrhenian origin?

atrane- "concealment, hiding" [az96]
atrS, aturS "grave, sepulcher" [g/lb85: 161]
atrSce "hidden, plundered" [az96]
atrsr "to steam, be dark" [az96]
atrste "mournful" [az96]
see Latin Adrastus [az96]
see Latin âter "black, deadly" [az96]

atunes, atunis "Adonis" [g/lb83, mc91, EM]

aua "welfare" [az96]
ausaz "eager, desirous" [az96]
av "to desire" [az96]
aut "wealth, fortune" [az96]
autle "relative to destiny, weaver" [az96]
avcva "welfare, health" [az96]
ave "to be propitious, beneficient"
aveini "propitious" [az96]
avequ "favor, grant, greeting" [az96]
avhircina "occurance, happenstance" [az96]
avi "propitious" [az96]
avulni "favorable" [az96]
see Latin ave "farewell" [az96]
see Latin aveo "to be well, long for" [az96]

aucena (goddess drawn on a cistern cover)
see aukêlos [az96]

auclina family name [g/lb83 84]

aufle name [mc91]
"rocky" [az96]

aukêlos "aurora, dawn" [az96]
glossed by Hesykhios [az96]
see Greek augé "shining" [cit. az96: 418]

aula female name [mc91]
aule male name [gm97, pa]
auliu personal name (diminutive) [pa]
aulza personal name (diminutive) [pa]
see Latin Aulus [pa]

aum "poor, wretched" [az96]

aur "ear, hearer?" [az96]

aurina town [mp68: 192]

autu name [az96, lrp 48]
"weaver" [az96]
see Latin Autumnus [lrp 48]

avil "year" [cb, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 75, v, pa, dep, gzb]
"year(s)" [ag 79, mp68, rab 332]
"years; aged xxx years" [pa]
"per year" [mc91]
avils, avilS "years"
"years of age" [mc91]
avilxva, avilxval "anniversary, yearly" [g/lb83 56, mp68]
"to the year-count" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
avilxva "annual, yearly" [dep, pa]
< avil + adjectival suffix -xva [dep]
avil "year" [pa, dep, gzb]
avils "year, season" [gm97]
see Lemnian aviz [mp68: 99]
see Lemnian avis [, mp68]
see Gothic aiws "eternity" [dep]
see Latin aevus "time, eternity" [dep]
see Greek ayôn "lifetime" [dep]
see Albanese eshë "timespan" [dep]
see Old Irish aes "life, age" [dep]
see Indo-European *aiwon "lifetime" [dep]
see Nostratic *h.aju "to live" [ag 79]

avile, avle, aule, avele, avale
male name [g/lb83, mc91: 57, mp68: 371]
see Latin Aulus [g/lb83, mc91: 57, mp68: 371]

avthethaiu "correlation" [az96]

avula [az96]
see Latin avus "grandfather" [az96]

-ax ablative/genitive of origin [es 15 Jun 99]
see IE/Uralic/Basque *-k, -ko [es 15 Jun 99]
see Lydian -ak [es 15 Jun 99]
see Greek adjectives with -iakós, -akós [es 15 Jun 99]

axapri "friendly, lovable" [az96]
see Greek agapêteos, agapêtos [az96]

axaxun "stabbing or cutting god" [az96]

axile, axlae, axle, axale, axele "Achilles, " [g/lb83, mc91: 41, pa]
see Greek Akhilleos [g/lb83, mc91: 41, pa]
see Latin Achilleus [g/lb83, mc91: 41, pa]

axmenrun "Agamemnon" [g/lb83]

axratin-, axrati- name (written as genitive axratinalisa) [mc91: 128]
corresponds to Latin tribe name Pomptina but may be name of maternal grandfather [source?]
"from Acerra" [Rix, Pellegrini cit az96: 28]

axrum "Akhérôn" [g/lb83 67]

axu, axunie, acesia "healer, physician" [az96]
axunana "one who guards, keeps safe" [az96]
axvizr, axuvesr, axuvizr, axuviztr, acaviSer, axaviSur "Acaviser, deity associated with Turan, Achilles, Thetis & Alpan (sometimes male, somtimes female)" [es 15 Jun 99, g/lb83]
"healer" [az96]
< *yegw- [az96]

az conjunction [az96]
< *ast ? [az96]

az "to burn, sear?" [az96]

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