Etruscan Glossary AM-AR

Compilation and translations from French, Italian and Latin
by Rick Mc Callister and Silvia Mc Callister-Castillo ©1999

am-, ama, ame, amu-, amce, amuce "to be" [cb, g/lb83, jf, lb 90, mc91, mp68/75, v, pa, dep]
amuce "has been" [g/lb83 56]
"may it be?" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
-ce aorist imperative? [mcv 8 Nov 96]
see English be [dep]
see Breton bezan "to be" [dep]
see Latin fui [dep]
see Sanskrit bhavati "he becomes" [dep]
see Latin fuisse "to have been" [dep]
see Russian byt' "to be" [dep]
see Lithuanian buti "to be" [dep]
see Indo-European *mbhew "to grow, to become, to be" [dep]
see Nostratic *'ämV "to take, to bear" [ag79]
see Nostratic *'EmV [ag 79]

ama "now, meanwhile" [az96]
amce "united, joined" [az96]
ame "with" postposition [az96, dep]
amake "married, spouse" < "joined" [az96]
aminth "Cupid, Eros" [g/lb83]
"Amor?" [az96]
amth-ni "loving, benevolent" [az96]
amuce, amuxe "continual, perpetual, eternal" [az96]
< *am- "to love, to be joined to, to be with" [rmcc]
< ? am- "to be" i.e. "for the time being" [rmcc]
see Lydian ama- "to love" [dep]
see Breton afan "to kiss" [dep]
see Brythonic *ama "to love" [dep]
see Celtic aman "to love" from Latin, Italo-Celtic or loanword? [es]
see Basque maite "love, beloved" < bani-te [es]
see Basque emán < e-bani "to love" [es]
< Celtic [L Trask?]
see Latin amare "to love"[cw, rc]
see Latin amita "aunt" [cw 2]
see Latin amicus "friend" [cw 2, pb 24-25]
see Latin cum "with" [az96]
see English by [dep]
see Gothic bi "at, about" [dep]
see German bei (originally) "beside" [dep]
see Greek háma "with" [az96]
see Greek phi instrumental independant particle [dep]
see Achaean amphí [es]
see Latin -b-, -bi, -bus ablative-dative plural mark [dep]
see Latin ambi-, ambo [es]
see Sanskrit bhyas dative ablative plural later integrated into the declension [dep]
see Slavic and Germanic -m dative and instrumental plural integrated early into the declension [dep]
see Russian -ami instrumental plural case marker [dep]
see IE particle *mbhi [Martinet, From the Steppes to the Oceans; cit dep].

amaputunia "co-hibens, one who stops, contains, represses" [az96]

ammarce "bitter, pungent?" [az96]
amre "bitter" [az96]
< *ampar- [az96]
see Latin amarus "bitter" [az96]

ampile, hamphe "May" [g/lb83, az96, pa, dep]
< *ampilie, *anpilie [g/lb83, az96]
see probable Etruscan related substrate word *embhetl, *mbheti [dep]
see Latinized form amphiles, ampiles [g/lb83, az96]
see Greek ampellos "vine" [dep]
see Breton aval "apple" [dep]
see English apple [dep]
see Russian yablako "apple" [dep]
see Hungarian amna "apple" [dep]
see Finnish omena "apple" [dep]

amplieri "to widen" [az96]
amplus "wide" [rc 48]
apeli "enlarger" [az96]
< amp-, ap- [az96]
Latin of Etruscan origin?

amurca "oil dregs" Latin via Etruscan [g/lb83 65]
see Greek amórgê [g/lb83 65]

an, ana, ananc, ane, anc, ancn, ancu "he, she" [cb, g/lb83, v, pa]
relative pronoun [az96, dep, mc91, mp68]
see Russian on "he" [dep]
see Breton an "the" [dep]
see Lithuanian anas "this" [dep]
see Nostratic *'a "that, yonder" remote demonstrative pronoun
see Nostratic *NA, IS OS II 93--4 [ag 79]

ana "compliment, execution, finished product, perfect" [az96]
anace "carried out" [az96]
anaini "worker, executor" [az96]
anan-, anaie, anai, anei, ane "one who completes, carries out" > "earnings, gain" [az96]
ananc "to gather, obtain" [az96]
ane, ani "Janus" [g/lb83]
"year" < "complete cycle" [az96]
aneie, aneiece "to have accomplished" [az96]
< *an- [az96]
see Latin anno [az96]

anancve "consequently" [az96]

-anas, -anasa active perfect participle [mcv 22 Jan 98]
see IE passive perfect participle *-no- [mcv 22 Jan 98]

avavence "bore, gave birth to" [g/lb83 70]

anc "to fold" [az96]

ancaru "goddess of Death" [lrp 48, rah 59]
see Latin Angerôna [lrp 48, rah 59]

ancn compound particle [mp68: 397]

ani "Janus"; sky god living in the highest heaven (in the north) [EM]
ani thne celestial deity [mp68: 251]

aniaxei "anguish, pain" [az96]

anina name (masculine) [pa]
aninai, aninas male name [g/lb83 71, mc91]
aninie, ninie family name [g/lb83 112]
anina-i name (feminine) [pa]

antemna, antenna "sail yard" Latin from Etruscan [mp68: 369, pa]

*antha, *amtha "eagle, north wind (Boreas)" [az 96, mp68, pa, dep]
Greek gloss (Hesykhios) ánthas, ántar, ándas, ándar [az 96, mp68]
see Sanskrit bhâsas "raptor" [dep]
see Greek phênê "vulture" [dep]
see Indo-European *mbhattos [Martinet, 1986 cit.dep]

antha "to meet, come to blows" [az96]
anthai name "chance, one who meets, encounters" [az96]
anthiaia name "fortune" [az96]

antilxe "winnowing, crowd, worry, trepidation" [az96]

anxarie "point, tooth" [az96]

anxas "anxious" [az96]

anxe male name [mc91: 48]
see Latin Ancus [mc91: 48]

apa, aphe, aphes, apars, afrs
"father, ancestor" [b/k 32, cb, g/lb83, lb 90, mc91, mp 75, v, pa, dep]
"father, guardian" [az96]
apa apatie "paternal grandfather" [az96]
apa nacna "grandfather" [az96]
apana "paternal" [mc91]
see Greek appa, possibly a Semitic loan-word) [pa]
see Greek apa "father" [dep]
see Latin pater "father" [dep]
see Gothic fadar "father" [dep]
see Old Irish athir "father" [dep]
see Armenian hayr "father" [dep]
see Sanskrit pitar "father" [dep]
see Tocharian A pacar "father" [dep]
see Indo-European *phater [dep]
the root is probably universal [dep]

apaiatru, apiatru "one who grasps, links" [az96]

apcar "abacus" [az96, pa, dep]
see Latin abacus [mc91]
see Greek abaks "board, tablet" [dep, mc91]
see Hebrew abaq "powder" [mc91]

aper, apir-e, apir-es, apir-ase, apirthe, apir-the-s, aper-ucen "sacred, funeral or sacrificial act" [mp68]
see Latin parentare "to honor or avenge a relative" [mp68]
apir- act associated with religion [mp68: 409]
aprensais, aprenSaiS "the gods intending" [mp, az96: 396]
"in the last" [az96]
aprinthu, aprinthvale "sacred title" [mp68];
"next, last" [az96]
aprinth-vale "last good-bye" [az96]

aperu "to join, find" [az96]
apha "to strike, hit, impress, gather" [az96]
apu "receiver, obtainer" [az96]

aphe demon [mp68: 407]

apini name "suitable, (well) connected" [az96]

aplu, apulu "Apóllôn" [cb, djh 95, g/lb83, mc91: 53]
"Apollo"; god of thunder and lightning [EM]

apnis "much, a lot" [az96]

aprensais, aprenSaiS "the gods intending" [mp, az96: 396]
"in the last" [az96]
aprinthu, aprinthvale "sacred title" [mp68]
"next, last" [az96]
aprinth-vale "last good-bye" [az96]

aprthni female name [mc91: 135]

apunei female surname [gm97]
apuniie family name [mc91: 112]

aputuke "agreed, pledged [az96]

apvcuia (family?) name [mc91: 101]

ar-, er- "to make, to build, to do" [g/lb83, pa, dep]
ar, ara, are, ar-aS, ar-aSa, arce, ar-th, er-ce, er-s, er-ce "to act through movement, including ritual acts?" [mp68]
"to drive, exhort, rally" [az96]
aras "making, preparing" [g/lb83 85]
"sustaining, continuing" [az96]
see Lemnian arai [mp68]
see Nostratic *HarV "to make" [ag 79]
see Latin arare "to plow" [dep]
see Breton arat "to plow" [dep]
see Greek aroo "to plow" [dep]
see Gothic arjan "to plow" [dep]
see Lithuanian ariu "to plow" [dep]
see Indo-European *ary- "to plow" [dep]-

ar plural [mcv 8 Nov 96]

*arac "falcon" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
Greek gloss árakos [g/lb83, mp68]
see Gothic ara "eagle" [dep]
see Greek ornis "bird" [dep]
seeBreton erer "eagle" [dep]
see Lithuanian aras "eagle" [dep]
see Hittite haras "eagle" [dep]
see Indo-European *oros "eagle" [dep]

arce "gave, bore" [mc91]

arcmsna, arcmsnas family name [g/lb85: 161]
"one who afflicted, angry" [az96]

*arêt- "Arezzo (town)"
arntni "person from Arezzo" [az96]
see Latin Arrêteium
see German Erz "metals (Arrezzo was famous for metal ware)" [g/lb83 25]

ariatha, aratha "Ariadne" [az96]
"nourisher, magnifier" [az96]

aril "supporter, Atlante" [az96]

*arim "monkey" [az96, g/lb83 59, mp68, pa, dep]
Greek gloss árimos (Hesykhios) [g/lb83 59, mp68, pa]
< *arim, *arime [az96: 418]
arimna "Rimini (town)"
see Latin Ariminum [g/lb83, djh 14]

aritimi, artume, artam, artms, artumes, arthem "Artamis, Arte:mis" [g/lb83, mc91: 41, mp68: 245]
"goddess of spells and prophecy?" [az96]
"Artemis" goddess of night and death, personification of natural growth [EM]

arna "to afflict, affliction" [az96]
< *ghren [az96]
arnt, arnth, aranth, arath male name [mc91: 49/96, gm97]
corresponds to Latin Lucius [g/lb83 57]
"biting" < "fierce" [az96]
< ghren-d- [az96]
aranthur, arnthur male name [g/lb83 83, mc91]
araz male name [g/lb85: 46]
arnthal name [mc91]
arnthi female name [mc91]
counterpart of male arnth [mc91]
arnthia, arathia, aranthia name [mc91]
arnthna, arathena, araziia family name [mc91: 49/96, gm97]
arnti, arntle "which gnaws, bites, chews" [az96]
arnzius, arntsus name [mc91]
artnal "son of Arrius" [g/lb83 57]

ars- "push away?" [g/lb83]
"to turn away, drive away, remove" [pa, dep]
arse verse "take away fire?", "arce ignem " [mp68]
glossed by Verrio Flacco [mp68]

arSva "(two?) smashers" [az96]
arta "breaker, smasher" > "carpenter (Vulcan)" [az96]
artesi "brooch and pin?" [az96]
arth "to section or subdivide" [az96]
arthe velna "one who severs, cuts off" [az96]
artile "one who articulates, artesan" [az96]
artna "limb, member, part" [az96]
artna mempru/memru "one who subdivides in parts" [az96]
< *arth [az96]

arus ame "to encourage" [az96]
aruseri "encourager" [az96]
arusia "exhortation, push" [az96]
arusni "one who encourages, spurs" [az96]
arvasa "having pushed, driven, raised" [az96]
arvusta "rallied" [az96]

aruSis "ceramic" [az96]
aruzina, aruuzina "potter" [az96]

arxas "strident" > "argumentative" [az96]
< *ark < *werk [az96]

arxaze "clear, witty, rattling"
see Latin argutus "clear, witty, rattling" [az96]

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