Etruscan Glossary X

Compilation and translations from French, Italian and Latin
by Rick Mc Callister and Silvia Mc Callister-Castillo ©1999

-x nominative suffix [az96: 27]

-x, -ax suffix of origin [pa]

xairei family name (female) [g/lb83 86, mc91: 134]

xalxas "Calchas (winged haruspex)" [g/lb83, mc91: 48]
see Greek Kálxas [g/lb83, mc91: 48]
xarontes demons of death [EM]
see Greek Xaron [EM]

xarsteriun, xarsteiun
"offering of thanks" (Delphi Inscription) [dep]

xaru, xarun demon who guides the dead to the underworld along with Vanth (associated with a hammer) [g/lb83]
demon who torments the souls of the dead; guardian of the underworld [EM]
"Smasher, Cutter" [az96]
see Latin Charon [g/lb83]
see Greek Xaron [g/lb83]

xavex "(one who) shouts, invokes?" [az96]

xelphun a silenus [g/lb83]
see Greek xalepós "harsh, mischievous, dangerous" [g/lb83]

xia, xi-, xia-s, xi-S, xim, xiem, ximth, ximthm pronominal particle [mp68]
see derivative xisvlicS [mp68]

xia "doorkeeper" [az96]

xiem "greed" [az96]

xim, ximth, ximthm "with, when" [az96]
see Latin cum [az96]

xis temporal-hypothetical conjunction [az96]

xisvlic- "pledge, security, bail" [az96]

xosfer "October" [az96: 54, g/lb83, mp68]
< *cezpre [pa]
< cezp "eight" [az96: 54, g/lb83, mp68]

-xu "with (postposition)" [az96]

xurinas family name [g/lb85: 145]

xurvar "Churvar (month)" [mcv]
see Phoenician KRR in Pyrgi tablets [mcv]

xurvar (plural) "fires, altars?" [az96]

-xva plural for things [vs/amr 189]

xvestna > cestna "sharpness" [az96]

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