Etruscan Glossary G, K, Q

Compilation and translations from French, Italian and Latin
by Rick Mc Callister and Silvia Mc Callister-Castillo ©1999

Note: Etruscan did not have voiced stops, therefore G may be considered an alternate spelling of C or X or a Latinate pronunciation
K is an alternate spelling of C usually found before A
Q is an alternate spelling of C usually found before U

ganda "scree (slide of gravel down a hillside)" (pre-Celtic) [b/b 126, rah 53-54, lrp 57]
of Tyrrhenian origin?

*garra, *karra "stone, rocky ground, plant growing thereon," [rah 53-54]

gava, gave "watercourse" Latin, Romance [lrp 57, mp68: 372]
(pre-Celtic) (S. France, Iberia, Switzerland, Sardinia, N and C Italy) [b/b 126]
gavia "water bird" (pre-Celtic) [b/b 126]
Tyrrhenian origin?

genista "broom" Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48, bm 24-25]

gerere, gest- "to do, act, carry out" [rc 107]
Latin of Etruscan origin?

gigaro "arum italicum," Tuscan of Etruscan origin [bm 24-25]

Gracchus (Latin name of Etruscan origin) [pb 24-25]

grava "gravel" Alpine Romance, Friuli [bm 24-25, mp68: 370]
*grava "stone" Friuli [jr 50]
of Rhaetian origin?

groma Latin from Etruscan [mp68: 370]
see gró:mo:n [mp68: 370]

-k- "pronoun stem" [mcv]
see IE -k- "pronoun stem" [mcv]
see Nostratic #241 *ka: [Bomhardt/Kerns cit. mcv]

kacriqu "earnings" [az96]

kae personal name [mc91: 95]
see Latin Caius, Gaius [mc91: 95]

kaisie personal name [mc91: 66]

kal-, kar- "rock, rocky mountain" [es]
carra- non-IE toponym of Central Italy et al. [mp68: 372]
krap, klap "stone" Romansh and other Alpine Romance [jh 388, jr 87]
of Rhaetian or Tyrrhenian origin?
see Basque arri, harri "stone, rock" [es]
see Iberian toponym Calpe "under the rock" [es]
< kal-pe (-be, -pe "under, below, at the foot of" [es]
see Alpine German alb, alp, alpe, alm "alpine meadow (below the mountains) [es]

kalem "ready to fall, to lower oneself" [az96]

kama "love, joy" [az96]
kamu "kind, loving" [az96]

kansinai family name [fem.] [mc91: 58]

kapra "goat" [gm97]
glossed by Hesiod (error or loanword from Italic) [gm97]

*kar, *kar-kr-o [cw 10]
> [cw 10]
see Latin cancer "lattice" [cw 10]
see Latin carcer "prison" [cw 10]
of Etruscan origin?

karkana personal name [mc91: 72]

karthasie "Carthaginian" [pa]
karthazie male name [mc91: 49]
see Latin *Carthadius [mc91: 49]

kathuniia- deity [mc91: 143]

katiave preterite verb form [az 19 Jul 99]

kavie male name [mc91: 66]

kavisia "(one who) makes happy" [az96]

kisnee "if not?" [az96]

klumia "globe, croquette" [az96]

kottabos type of game [djh 61]

kraitile "credence?" [az96]
see Latin crdo "I believe", creditum "credit, belief" [az96]

kreina "sun" [az96]
kreinie "solar" [az96]

kros < *crodius "fruit pit," Romansh [jr 69]
of Rhaetian origin?

kulenie family name [g/lb83 84, mc91: 66]

kurou "dwarf" < "trunck?" [az96]

qaxu, cexa "attainment, merit" [az96]

qumethen "from Cumae" (accusative adjective) (Delphi Inscription) [dep]

quthefas "having taken revenge" (Delphi Inscription) [dep]

qutun, qutum "ewer, pitcher" [g/lb83, mc91, mcv, mp68, dep, pa]
see Greek kó:thôn "type of vessel, vaso" [g/lb83, mc91, mcv, mp68, dep, pa]

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